Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What we were thinking...

" I'm an angel, can't you tell?"

"Hey, you're in my way!"
"No, you're in my way!"

"Stop calling my name mom 'cause Iii'm not looking...still not looking."

Standing guard at the chipmunk hole.

"Enough with the pictures already! Not everything I do is cute!"

Friday, July 6, 2007

My thoughts on the 4th of July

This week the humans celebrated something called the "4th of July". Yet another event that seems stange to me. There was lots of cooking on the big black thing on the back deck with lots of yummy smells. However, I didn't get a single bite of any of that delicious forbidden food. When I looked in my bowl at dinner, half expecting to get a little nibble of some of that tasty food, it was the same old kibble that I get every day. Completely not fair in my opinion. Also, there were these loud popping sounds outside all throughout the night accompanied by bright lights in the sky. I did my best to alert mom and dad of these threatening noises by barking as loud as I could and pacing around in circles. But all they kept telling me was "quiet!" and "sit!". They wanted me to be still and quiet with all this noise and distraction going on! I was the least part of the noise! Again, completely unfair. Afterall, I was just trying to make them aware of this impending danger. I will never understand some of the things these humans do.