Friday, September 14, 2007


So Riley has started stealing toys away from me. She thinks it's a game apparently. Normally she has no interest in toys, that is until I want to play with them. And she's sneaky about it too! For instance, last night mom was playing fetch with me in the living room. She threw the toy and before I could get to it, Riley ran over and picked it up. But did she want to play with it? No! She took it up onto the sofa and laid her chin on it so I couldn't get to it, and just watched me with those devious eyes the whole time. I paced around the coffee table several times, trying to figure out a way to snatch it without being attacked but she didn't budge. I barked at mom, asking for some help, but she was too busy laughing at me. I barked at Riley, showing my outrage at the whole situation but she just stared at me, laughing silently with her eyes. This went on for a good ten minutes until finally she got up and I snuck over and grabbed it. After I was done playing with it I carried it around all night to be sure she didn't steal it again. I guess I showed her! She's no angel. She may have mom and dad fooled, but not me. I'm on to her little games.

Friday, September 7, 2007


I got a boo boo on my head yesterday. I wasn't going to tell mom about it but she saw it last night and got all worried. I was playing and being my normal hyper self so obviously I wasn't too concered about it. She and dad kept trying to look at it and wondered why I was trying to bite. Well it hurts! I don't appreciate being poked and prodded so of course I'm going to bite. She and dad sat there trying to figure out how I got it. They finally came up with two theories- that Riley and I were playing around like we always do and I fell on the corner of something and got a little cut or that Riley bit me because I tried to take a toy away from her. I say either way let's blame it on Riley, hehe. She never gets in trouble anyway and it's about time. Mom is still all worried about me and wants to take me to the vet but I really hope she doesn't. I'm a big boy...I can handle a little boo boo.