Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Fun Weekend!

Riley and I had such a busy weekend. First we loaded up with mom and dad and went to visit grandma and grandpa. We had so much fun! Grandma plays with us as much as we want and gives us lots of ice to crunch on even though mom tells her not to. We love ice! We got to see so many people this weekend which always makes us excited.

After we got home, mom and dad had some friends over. They brought their dog, Maggie. Mom was worried that we wouldn't get along with her because we like to be the center of attention, but we liked her a lot! I showed her all around our back yard and we played for hours. It was also nice to finally meet someone shorter than me! I hope she gets to come back again to play with us.

After everyone left, I was so tired and went right to bed. It was such a long weekend but so much fun for us!

Our new friend Maggie

Maggie and Riley waiting to see if anyone would drop any food in the kitchen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


(Here I am staring at my favorite ball just waiting on Mom to throw it for me. Hurry Mom!)
Hi my name is Tag and I'm addicted to playing fetch. Well there, I admitted it. What can I say? It's my most favoritest thing in the whole wide world. Chasing that bouncy little ball across the back yard, jumping and catching it in mid air, and then attacking it. It's a rush I tell you! Mom and Dad just don't understand it. They don't understand why I pace by the back door and whine until they let me out to play. Sometimes, even when I push the ball towards them, they still just laugh at me. They just don't get that I'm a hyper little guy just bursting with energy. I'm cooped up all day while they're at work and when they get home all I ask is for just a few minutes of playing fetch. It's the highlight of my little life. And now that it's getting dark outside earlier, I had better enjoy it while I can because I have a feeling Mom won't be so thrilled about going out when it's cold and dark. I guess there could be worse things to be addicted too afterall.