Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Day at the Park

Riley and I got to go on a fun, new adventure today. We go on walks in our neighborhood all the time but today we got to go to the park. As soon as Dad opened the car door to let us out, we were both instantly excited at all the new sights and smells. There were a lot of other dogs at the park today, and of course I had to check them all out. We also met some really nice people on the trail that wanted to pet us, which you know I love! One of them called me short though which I didn't appreciate. ; ) It was a fun trip although it was such a hot day today, especially for someone furry like me. Luckily the trail we walked on had some shade.

Of course Mom had to take pictures of us like she always does so here are a couple more.

Riley and me taking a water break

Just chilling in the shade