Friday, May 16, 2008

Long time no see!

Well hello everyone! It's been a while huh? When you're a busy guy like me, sometimes it's hard to find time to stay caught up on your blog. Let's see what's been going on in my world...First of all, I had another birthday! Yep, I'm two years old now. Doesn't the time fly? Thank goodness mom didn't make me wear a ridiculous hat like she did last year. Hmm, what else. Oh, and I also went on vacation for a week at the vet. Mom and dad were out of town, so Riley and me got a room at the vet's office. And boy did we get pampered; a bath and our nails done. I was looking pretty handsome by the time mom came to pick us up. Also, mom and dad have been destroying our house! Something about a bathroom remodel. Of course you know I have to oversee that. All that hammering and banging makes me nervous so I have to make sure I know what's going on and that everyone's ok. I guess that's about it for me though. I'm just glad the weather is nice and I get to be outside a lot more. I'll try to stay caught up on the blog so keep reading!

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