Monday, May 28, 2007

Heeeere's Riley

Hey guys! Meet Riley. I just met her yesterday and let me tell ya I'm not so sure about this whole sister thing yet. She seems to be getting a lot of the attention which I am not used to. But I've been playing tough and giving her the cold shoulder. She knows who's boss around here. Yeah, I'm a little jealous of her right now, but I know mom and dad still love me. Afterall, I'm the baby! And everyone knows I'm the cutest!
I guess there could be some benefits to having a sister. I get to eat any left over food in her bowl, more toys for me to play with(steal), someone my own size to chase around, plus I won't be lonely when Mom and Dad are at work now. Maybe I will let her stay. I guess she's ok...for a sister.

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Amber said...

Hi Riley, it's nice to meet you. Tag you better get along with and love your sister. She's the only one you are ever going to have. :)