Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My nemesis...

You may call it a tennis ball, but I call it my nemesis. It taunts me as it races past me, always just out of my reach. I'm an agile, athletic fellow but this thing is fast. When I catch a glimpse of it running across the grass I know what my mission is. To catch and attack this shameless tease. I proudly bring it back to my parents as a prize. It cannot hide from me outside. But inside, well that is its territory. So many things to bounce off of and so many places to hide. Just as I get it between my paws, it sneaks away beneath the furniture, just out of my reach. My head is just too big and my nose not quite long enough to retrieve it. And my legs, well that's one of the downfalls of being short. I bark at it but it doesn't budge. I can see it waiting there in the darkness under the ottoman, knowing it's safe from me. But I'll get you tennis ball...someday!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm back and I'm betta than eva!

Thanks to everyone who thought about me while I was sick. It's been a rough month for me but I'm getting the spring back in my step now. My buddies at the vet's office say I'm doing good.
Mom and dad better watch their socks 'cause Iiii'm gonna steal 'em! Betcha can't catch me now!

You can't prove it was me!

Yeah ok I did it...but in my defense it was a rough week for me. I had been hearing about this "snip snip" for a while now but I wasn't sure what it was. Well let me tell ya, it was not what I expected! Oh sure it started off all peachy--a trip to the vet's office. That's cool because I like the folks up there. They pet me and give me treats. So when my mom left me there I wasn't too concerned.
All I remember after that is falling asleep. Who knows how long I slept, hours, days maybe but when I woke up in a drunken haze I felt like something was missing. But what could it be? After the room stopped spinning and I proceeded to clean myself up I noticed it...something WAS missing!
Well, wouldn't you be upset if something like that happened to you? So a couple days later I was thinking about it and I was ticked. So while no one was looking I may or may not have chewed up the cabinet. Sure this picture is encriminating but you don't actually see me chewing on it, do you? Innocent until proven guilty, right?

A whole new world!

Well let me start at the beginning. I was born May 6, 2006 in Birmingham, AL. Those first couple months are hazy now but I do remember I had a rough start. I was the smallest boy in the litter and my human mom thought I wouldn't make it. But she hand fed me until I was strong enough to do it on my own. One day I remember her telling me I was going to have new parents. I remember thinking, geez I hope they like me. (but look at that handsome devil ...how could they not?!)I was kinda scared to leave my brothers and sisters though.

That brings us to July 7, 2006. My new mom and dad came to pick me up. I slept all the way home. It was kinda weird at first learning all the rules like don't chew on people's toes, don't shred the papers on the coffee table, and don't potty in the house. For some reason I kept forgetting that one. After a few weeks I got settled in though. Now I love my home and mom and dad are the coolest. I can tell they love me a lot...even when I'm bad...which I am...a lot.