Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My nemesis...

You may call it a tennis ball, but I call it my nemesis. It taunts me as it races past me, always just out of my reach. I'm an agile, athletic fellow but this thing is fast. When I catch a glimpse of it running across the grass I know what my mission is. To catch and attack this shameless tease. I proudly bring it back to my parents as a prize. It cannot hide from me outside. But inside, well that is its territory. So many things to bounce off of and so many places to hide. Just as I get it between my paws, it sneaks away beneath the furniture, just out of my reach. My head is just too big and my nose not quite long enough to retrieve it. And my legs, well that's one of the downfalls of being short. I bark at it but it doesn't budge. I can see it waiting there in the darkness under the ottoman, knowing it's safe from me. But I'll get you tennis ball...someday!

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