Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad influence...who me?

The accusation has been made that I am becoming a bad influence on my sister, Riley. When she first moved here she was very quiet and reserved. Well we had a talk and I told her she had to work on it if she was going to hang with me. So maybe I've been coaching her on a few things.

For instance the other night, she came trotting into the living room with one of mom's socks she stole from the bedroom. Well the first thing she did wrong was get caught. She obviously doesn't know how to be sly yet. You should be able to get a good sized hole chewed before you get caught. We've got to work on that one. Another thing she may have picked up from me is destroying every piece of paper that's within reach. The rule is, if it's within reach, it's fair game. Kinda like that coupon she chewed up the other day. She got in big trouble for that too.

One thing she has mastered so far is the "ice maker hop". The technique is to run over to the fridge whenever you hear mom and dad getting ice and hop up and down looking very hopeful and happy. Gets you a piece of ice every single time! They just can't resist the happy puppy face. I'm quite proud of her for learning that one. I'm not a bad dog really. I've just got a few tricks up my sleeve. Can I help it if Riley's picking them up too?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

Ahh a dog's life. Eating, sleeping, playing, doesn't get much better than this. Today I decided to jot down some of my most favorite things...which wasn't hard since everything is my favorite thing! (except a bath, not so much a favorite thing)

Tag's Favorite Things

1. Rolling in the grass, especially right after I get a bath (Mom hates that.)

2. Hearing the words treat, eat, walk, and outside (You have my undivided attention when you say those words.)

3. Chasing my dirty old tennis ball (This is my mission in life.)

4. Settling down with a good stick to chew on (Is there really anything better?)

5. Licking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher (Yeah, I get yelled at every single time but it's so worth it!)

6. Going for walks in my neighborhood (I meet lots of nice people that pet me and there are a bazillion things to sniff and check out!)

7. Riding in the car (It's always an adventure. I never know where I'm going next!)

8. Tummy rubs (Come on, you know you'd like one too.)

9. Running circles around the coffee table for no apparent reason (You should try it sometime, it's very liberating.)

10. Stealing and chewing on dad's socks (There's something about a stinky old sock that makes my day!)

I know it's just simple things, but it's the simple things that make life great!

A note from Tag's mom:

The inspiration for this post came from an email I got a while back. I deleted the email but found it again on this website about half way down under Excerpts from a Lab's Daily Diary. This pretty much sums up Corgis as well.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

People let me tell ya 'bout my best friend...

It's been a week since Riley came to live with us. As you can see, we've made some progress since that first day. It's sort of nice having someone to play with all the time. Mom doesn't like when I slobber on her while we're playing, but Riley doesn't seem to mind. It's nice having her along on my afternoon walks too. She scopes out one side of the street for interesting things to sniff and squirrels to chase, and I take the other side.

I guess you could say she's become my partner in crime too. We both got in trouble for digging in the dirt pile behind the house today and for trying to lick the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. At least I'm not the only one getting yelled at anymore! She's pretty ok I guess. So far, so good.